Fugawi Marine 5 Upgrade

Existing users with version 4.5 software or older will be glad to know that upgrading their older software to the new and improved Fugawi Marine 5 will save 50%, that's $150.00 value!

Upgrade pricing is available for users of the following products:
Fugawi Global Navigator, Fugawi Marine ENC, Fugawi UK Ver. 4, NavPlanner 2, HotMaps Explorer, and Geonav MapMaster.

Fugawi Marine 5 leads the way for a new generation of navigation software. It is now easier for sailors, motor boaters, and fisherman to manage their boat's navigation systems to suit their needs - and have more fun.

 Fast and clear chart presentation 

  • Ultra fast zooming and panning
  • Quilted raster charts
  • View multiple charts at once in Tile View or switch to Tab View for a simple presentation.
  • Support for: 
    • All Navionics charts (Platinum+, Gold, HotMaps and Fish N Chips after April 2010)
    • S-57 charts (NOAA ENC through integrated menus)
    • S-63 encrypted S-67 charts (Primar, Chartworld)
    • BSB Charts (NOAA RNC through integrated menus, Canadian Hydrographic)
    • NV Charts (BSB/EAP)
    • and much, much more!*

*UKHO S-57 charts compatiblity to be added post release.

Sophisticated, versatile, and clear instrument display

  • Integrated instruments with NMEA 2000 or multiple NMEA 0183 inputs
  • GPS connection to most USB, Bluetooth or Wifi connected GPS units
  • Intuitive route navigation
  • Autopilot output
  • Advanced AIS overlay
  • Advanced instruments for motor or sail (up to 20 additional, optional instruments)
All new modern and intuitive interface
  • Clean user interface
  • Crystal clear chart display
  • Customizable panes (move, resize, or hide)
  • Simple "swipe" to full map view
  • Optimized for Windows 7 and 8 tablets*

*Windows 8 tablet optimization to come as post-launch updates.

Simple and efficient data management
  • Intuitive waypoints and routes creation and management
  • An accessible Data Library with no limitations on storage
  • Transfer your trips and PoIs of your trips to/from leading chartplotters, GPS units, and online platforms such as X-Traverse.com and Facebook in a few simple clicks
  • Support for: 
    • GPS Exchange (GPX)
    • Google Earth (KMZ)
    • Saving / backup on www.X-Traverse.com
    • One click sharing on Facebook
    • Lowrance (USR v4, v5), Raymarine (FSH), and more!
For the full technical specifications, please visit our main product page.


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  • Fugawi Marine 5 Upgrade
  • Fugawi Marine 5 Upgrade
  • Fugawi Marine 5 Upgrade
  • Fugawi Marine 5 Upgrade
$149.95 USD